Next-Generation SIEM

Monitoring of network and cloud-application

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Co-Managed SIEM Service

Accelerate response

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Managed SIEM

Leave your SIEM to our Cybersecurity experts!

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Our Expertise


The 9 major benefits of a Next-Gen SIEM as a Service

New generation of SIEM platforms bolsters top-down monitoring of network and cloud-application activity with applied analytics techniques that help spot security incidents as soon as they’re happening.

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The 5 major benefits of a Managed SIEM

Are you looking for better, more accurate results from your SIEM with significant less false positives? If your company or organization has already purchased Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software, you have already made a sizeable financial and manpower investment to help keep your sensitive data safe. The big question however is, is that enough? The short answer is no!

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The 8 major benefits of a Co-Managed SIEM

Many companies and organizations already have made a significant investment in SIEM, only to find that they lack the resources or knowledge to maintain the software for optimal results.

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The 4 major benefits of UEBA

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) give you more of a comprehensive way to make sure that your organization has top-notch IT security, while also helping you detect users and entities that might compromise your entire system.

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Securing and protecting all your digital assets


We strive to make and keep the IT environment at our customers withstand harmful behavior and malicious attacks.


Custodian aims to offer the highest possible standard of IT Security Services, in order to protect all digital assets and the reputation of our customers by minimizing the risks of cybercrime whether it comes from the outside or from the inside.


Custodian’s mission is to utilize next generation security tools and technology in combination with the knowledge and experience of our security experts to provide cost efficient protection of the modern IT-organization from rapidly evolving threats.