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The Guardianship program

We coach IT professionals within the world of Cloud security.

The Guardianship is a fast-track training programme in which we coach you to become a Cloud security engineer. As a Cloud security engineer at Custodian, you will work with the very best software tools. With these tools and a Custodian mindset, you will work at high reliability organisations, where you prevent cybercrime and detect insider threats by means of data analysis and monitoring.

How the program works

Depending on your knowledge and experience at the moment of entry, the training programme takes between 4 months and 2 years. In this period, you will eventually build up sufficient knowledge and experience to train new colleagues independently. Everything is possible then!

Our unique way of working

Due to Custodian’s unique way of working, trained employees are not bound to work exclusively within our country. We offer the flexibility to work from home, but also abroad. Working from the Netherlands, we have weekly meetings at various locations around the country, where we build up a bond with each other. In addition to these weekly meetings on Fridays, our Managing Director regularly organises fun outings with the employees, where the employees can also express their preference for various activities.

Junior positions

We also have vacancies for a number of junior positions. If you are eager both to learn in a highly demanding environment and to become part of the solution, then our door is always open. However, we naturally ensure that the door is very closely protected…

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Guardianship program