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About Custodian

Custodian provides comprehensive Managed Security Services, Professional Security Services and IT-Security Solutions and for businesses and public organisations.

Custodian offers innovative Managed Security Services, Professional Security Services and IT- and Security Solutions and is always using the most advanced technologies and software available on the market. Combined with our team of experienced and highly qualified Security Experts, Custodian offers our customers a holistic view of what is going on in their network.

With our expertise and real-time insights into our customers’ network, we secure and protect all our clients’ digital assets against attacks as well as from the outside as from the inside and thus protect the reputation of our customers.

As MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) we focus on Next Generation SIEM as Service, UEBA, Managed SIEM, Co-Managed SIEM and Hybrid SIEM Services. Custodian’s Managed Security Solutions are based on industry-leading security software and technology and in-depth expertise from our Cybersecurity experts to help to secure and protect our customers digital assets 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year in a secure and intelligent way at a fraction of the cost of in-house security resources.

Custodian has been helping organizations with the protection and security of their valuable data for more than 10 years and thus has prevented costly reputational damage at our customers due to malware, data theft, identity theft or data leakage for example.

Please contact us for a free introductory meeting and find out how we also can make your Security Operation Center smarter, effective and more cost efficient.



Manifesto | Vision | Mission


We strive to make and keep the IT environment at our customers withstand harmful behavior and malicious attacks.


Custodian aims to offer the highest possible standard of IT Security Services, in order to protect all digital assets and the reputation of our customers by minimizing the risks of cybercrime whether it comes from the outside or from the inside.


Custodian’s mission is to utilize next generation security tools and technology in combination with the knowledge and experience of our security experts to provide cost efficient protection of the modern IT-organization from rapidly evolving threats.


Dereck Haye

Dereck Haye co-founded Custodian in 2010 and is primarily responsible for strategy and direction. Dereck currently serves as the Managing Director / Chief Technology Officer. In his current role Dereck is primarily responsible for the current operation and future strategy of Custodian regarding our portfolio of security-services, solutions and security technologies. Additionally, Dereck is responsible for coordination of Custodian’s research activities and ensuring that Custodian continue to push the boundaries of modern Security operations.

Before co-founding Custodian, Dereck was responsible for enterprise clients at the EMEA Security Operations Center of Unisys in Hoofddorp, where he was responsible for a rapid evolution of the security operations model to a more proactive methodology. He was the initiator and the first to implement a continuous improvement program. This changed the ‘detect and escalate’-method to a ‘hunt and resolve’-approach. During this time Dereck has been certified three times at the renowned SANS institute in separate disciplines, so that he not only understands how modern cyber threats work, but also how to evolve detection scenarios for these increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Dereck is a great character with excellent people skills and has over ten years’ experience in the field of security monitoring and security operations. Before Dereck started in the security world, he has held roles in computer and network engineering and prior to that as an electronic and microelectronic engineer. Dereck is also a highly sought out subject matter expert in the field of security monitoring technologies, additionally he enjoys to be found helping organizations advance their security resilience and maturity.

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Do you share our passion for creativity, and prefer to think outside the box? Are you solution oriented, do you relish the challenge of detecting errors in computer programs, and do you enjoy delving deeply into the search for the missing links in a chain? Would you love to assist our clients in making well-founded internet decisions in terms of choosing the most appropriate products and solutions? 
If so, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We offer favourable terms of employment and an appealing salary.

The Internet of Things (IOT)
Statistics and Data Mining
Log Management
Data Analysis
Network Security Monitoring
Data Science
SIEM Systems
Intrusion Detection IDS/IPS
Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

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    We also have vacancies for a number of junior positions. If you are eager both to learn in a highly demanding environment and to become part of the solution, then our door is always open. However, we naturally ensure that the door is very closely protected…

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