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Co-Managed SIEM Service


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Move Beyond Alerts to Improve Risk Awareness

Effectively managing and monitoring your SIEM technology requires an intricate balance of people, processes and technology. This challenging task is made even more difficult with an increasing volume of threats across an expanding attack surface, evolving compliance demands, talent shortages and tight budgets.

Many companies and organizations already have made a significant investment in SIEM, only to find that they lack the resources or knowledge to maintain the software for optimal results. Working with a Managed Services Provider such as Custodian to co-manage your SIEM can help increase the software’s effectiveness while reducing false positives and the flow of low-level alerts that can prevent a solid cybersecurity posture.

Additionally, Custodian’s unique flexibility allows it to adapt to your organization’s existing operational structure, architectural uniqueness, hardware/ software configurations and even schedules to provide ad hoc services or steady co-management of your SIEM investment.

Co-Managed SIEM provides you with risk awareness beyond alerts; you will quickly receive incident investigation and risk validation. Exploit the full potential of your SIEM solution to address emerging cybersecurity trends and threats by outsourcing its management while addressing your organization’s specific needs and objectives.

Partnering with Custodian helps you meet these growing operational and compliance demands. We provide you with access to SIEM experts to increase your ability to find and respond to threats in your environment. Custodian’s Co-Managed SIEM service monitors your security events and integrates just-in-time threat intelligence to enhance analysis and investigation of indicators of compromise. Our proven methodology for threat analysis supports remediation and incident resolution. We also provide actionable recommendations to help block future malicious activity. With Co-Managed SIEM service, you can achieve improved risk awareness, accelerated response, proactive defense and lower your costs.

The 8 major benefits of a Co-Managed SIEM

1. Accelerate Analysis, Containment and Response

Reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to known and unknown threat activity by leveraging a prioritized threat response engine.

2. We store our data in the EU!

Data protection is a top priority at Custodian as you may expect. For that reason, we keep your data safe and secure in an A-class Data Centre in Germany which is by far one of the most stringent and safe countries in the world with regards to data Privacy, data Security and data Governance. As a consequence of the GDPR (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz: BDSG) and some other specific German data laws, our customers, who entrust us with some of their most sensitive information, can control where and how their content is stored and who has access to it.

3. Shift to Intelligence Driven Operations

Your current cyber security strategy is enhanced by our Threat Intelligence Center tools and resources. Assess the current condition of your existing SIEM solution and configure to optimize on an as-needed basis, ensuring constant operational and security effectiveness.

4. More Cost Efficient

Avoid expensive and time-consuming recruitment and continuous training of highly skilled personnel on-premises and avoid the fixed costs of a fully Managed SIEM or a SIEM as a Service.

5. Saving up to 50% of your SIEM vendor’s license costs!

Every log and every security event matter. Not retaining your log data can create security blinds spots that prevent compliance or leave your organization vulnerable to attack. However, there is an immense amount of log files which doesn’t contain security related information. For this specific reason, Custodian has developed its Intelligent Data Assessment and Storage System (IDASS). Our IDASS is designed to intelligently split and route the relevant log files and event information from the irrelevant ones in a superfast and robust way. IDASS makes use of Greylog and Hadoop which are both Open Source software solutions and both leaders in their own segment. By making use of our IDASS system we can reduce the SIEM vendor’s license costs up to 50% whilst still complying to all GRC requirements.

Custodian’s IDASS is designed to scale unlimitedly without complexity. Simply add nodes to provide additional storage and processing power. Our economic scaled pricing model is based on the number of users in your organization. Custodian’s IDASS delivers incredible cost efficiency through unlimited ingestion and storage at reasonable pricing since we make use commodity hardware making it much more cost efficient compared to traditional legacy log management products.

6. Expand Your Team and Lower Costs

Reduce the need to build your own team of SIEM engineers and threat analysts by leveraging Custodian’s team.

7. Health monitoring

Security device performance and availability monitoring for detecting operational issues that could impact network availability and thus affect businesses’ normal operations.

8. Peace of Mind

Focus on your core business and lean back, letting our team of experts worry about your cybersecurity-related challenges.

Contact us for a free consult to discuss a Co-Managed SIEM service for your organization.

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