Society is becoming increasingly digitised, which is a positive development for both our business and social lives. But there is also a downside to it. We often remain oblivious to the eagerness of businesses, authorities and criminals alike to access our data and encroach upon our privacy. And it is precisely because it takes place so inconspicuously that many businesses and private

individuals are inclined to think that ‘everything will turn out right in the long run.’ However, do you actually appreciate the impact it would have if your website were to be hacked? If someone else were to run off with your identity or your money? Or if you were to lose all your data? An antivirus program in itself does not offer protection from those things.

Your log-files are also a goldmine for hackers

We check your ICT infrastructure for weak spots

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Securing and protecting all your digital assets


Are you keen to vouch for your company’s internal security? And never to have to worry about security again? Custodian can chart all your security issues.


We use simple yet effective proprietary tools both to raise the security management of small and medium-sized businesses to a suitable level and to keep it that way. While we prefer to adopt a proactive approach in this regard, we can also intervene in the event of security incidents. We collect and store vast quantities of log data on our platform using smart methods. Thanks to Custodian, logs no longer go missing and malicious parties cannot get hold of your data.


If you require, we can also analyse, coordinate and check your data for security risks. This implies that you have all the necessary information and analyses available in the event of an official audit.