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Vulnerability Management | Custodian

We check your ICT infrastructure for weak spots!

Businesses are vulnerable on the internet

Do you worry that your company’s presence on the internet may make it vulnerable to cyberattacks? Your concern is justified! After all, other businesses, authorities and criminals alike often attempt to access our data, without us even noticing. It is therefore not inconceivable that hackers could take control of your computers, or that your data might be stolen or become infected. Rectifying this could not only cost you a great deal of money and time, but it may also damage your reputation. Turn off and cover your camera as soon as you finish a skype session therefore, to prevent others from watching you unnoticed.

We Secure IT

Check, check, and check again

Custodian checks for all possible hazards, and takes measures to protect you from them. Our cyber security experts perform targeted scans, which check for weak spots in your systems, software and exploits. This way, we offer you optimum protection from malware, data theft and other cybercrime.


Would you like a one-off free trial of our scan? If so, then apply here.

Disclaimer accompanying scan

If we receive particularly large numbers of scan applications, then applicants are placed on a waiting list. If your application is not processed within 48 hours, however, then it is automatically cancelled, and you will have to reapply. 
Some of the tests performed as part of standard security checks may have unforeseen adverse consequences during the trial period. Those who submit an application for the scan therefore have to be authorised to do so. Custodian B.V. and all its subsidiaries accept no liability for any disruption whatsoever that may result from the performance of the free scan.

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