The Security Intelligence Company

LogRhythm is a world leader in NextGen SIEM, empowering organizations on six continents to successfully reduce risk by rapidly detecting, responding to and neutralizing damaging cyberthreats. The LogRhythm platform combines user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), network traffic and behavior analytics (NTBA) and security automation & orchestration (SAO) in a single end-to-end solution. LogRhythm’s Threat Lifecycle Management (TLM) framework serves as the foundation for the AI-enabled security operations center (SOC), helping customers measurably secure their cloud, physical and virtual infrastructures for both IT and OT environments. Built for security professionals by security professionals, the LogRhythm platform has won many accolades, including being positioned as a Leader in Gartner’s SIEM Magic Quadrant.

LogRhythm Services

By centrally monitoring other security solutions in real-time, LogRhythm helps organizations identify and remediate weaknesses in their existing IT defenses. It’s this ability that makes LogRhythm a very attractive solution to today’s enterprises.

  • Next Generation SIEM and Log Management
  • Independent Host Forensics and File Integrity Monitoring
  • Network Forensics with Application ID and Full Packet Capture
  • State-of-the-art Machine Analytics
  • Advanced Correlation and Pattern Recognition
  • Multi-dimensional User / Host / Network Behavior Anomaly Detection
  • Large data set analysis via visual analytics/pivot and drill down
  • Workflow enabled automatic response via LogRhythm’s SmartResponse™
  • Integrated Case Management
  • Rapid Intelligent Search

LogRhythm’s Security Intelligence Platform

LogRhythm’s product line includes robust SIEM functionality streamlining security management and threat detection. It also offers security analytics that directly assist in optimizing security operations—an important attribute in the context of the widening responsibilities security organisations have today. In August of this year Frost & Sullivan commended LogRhythm’s exceptional growth in the SIEM/LM Market, backed by brand performance and technical leadership.

Why Custodian?

Custodian has expertise in comprehensive security services including Professional Services & Managed Security Services. Custodian’s Managed Security Services are based on industry-leading and innovative software, technology and expertise to help secure your information assets around the clock at a fraction of the cost of in-house security staff and other resources.

Our Managed Security Services Practice defends your organization from increasingly sophisticated, targeted cyber-crime threats. We take on the day-to-day defense of your infrastructure by monitoring your network, systems and data, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

We add value by providing context and enriching the data you receive, helping to optimize your organization’s IT security monitoring (SIEM and UEBA), incident detection, and incident response time. Recognizing that security is not purely a technology issue, we combine technical and human intelligence to enrich the information and alerts shared with our customers.In doing so, we ensure an optimal balance between security, workability and continuity.