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HELP! I have been hacked!

You thought that your system was well protected, but something terrible nevertheless happened: you have been hacked. Your screen suddenly went black, you can no longer access your data and criminals are now blackmailing you. Simply call or email Custodian, and our security experts will come to your assistance. They can at least take measures to reduce the repercussions to an absolute minimum.

Duty to report data breaches

Did you know that in The Netherlands, as of 1 January 2016, both businesses and private individuals are legally obliged to report serious data breaches? The new Personal Data Protection Act is applicable to not only large scale incidents (e.g. when a hacker gains access to your personal data) but also matters like the loss of a USB stick containing sensitive information in the train. Even placing sensitive email addresses in the cc field (instead of the bcc field) in a mailing is considered a data breach.


In fact, the duty to report incidents even extends to a ‘simple’ virus infection on your computer in principle. Anyone who causes a data breach or processes personal data without due care and attention to the legal aspects therefore runs the risk of incurring fines, which can mount up to as much as 800,000 euro or 10% of annual turnover per offence!