Security Monitoring

Leave your SIEM to our Cybersecurity experts!

If your company or organization has already purchased Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software, you have already made a sizeable financial and manpower investment to help keep your sensitive data safe. The big question however is, is that enough? The short answer is no!

Just having a SIEM in place is not enough to adequately protect your sensitive data and customer information. Without relevant Use Cases, correlation rules and other intelligence built into your SIEM, the software will not perform in continuous improvement as you need and it will not sufficiently detect cyber threats to your environment.

Working together with Custodian to manage your existing SIEM allows you to keep and leverage your organization’s investment in an On-Premises or Cloud based SIEM by adding Custodian’s team of SIEM experts. Our cybersecurity experts will tune your SIEM, adding correlation rules and building relevant Use Cases to improve your SIEM’s performance and help you get more value and use out of your current cybersecurity posture.


The 5 major benefits of a Managed SIEM

1. Increase SIEM Value

Are you looking for better, more accurate results from your SIEM with significant less false positives? Working with Custodian to tune and add content to your SIEM delivers far better results and an improved cybersecurity posture.


2. Saving up to 50% of your SIEM vendor’s license costs!

Every log and every security event matter. Not retaining your log data can create security blinds spots that prevent compliance or leave your organization vulnerable to attack. However, there is an immense amount of log files which doesn’t contain security related information. For this specific reason, Custodian has developed its Intelligent Data Assessment and Storage System (IDASS). Our IDASS is designed to intelligently split and route the relevant log files and event information from the irrelevant ones in a super-fast and robust way. IDASS makes use of Greylog and Hadoop which are both Open Source software solutions and both leaders in their own segment. By making use of our IDASS system we are able to reduce the SIEM vendor’s license costs in some cases up to 50% whilst still complying to all GRC requirements.

Custodian’s IDASS is designed to scale unlimited without complexity. Simply add nodes to provide additional storage and processing power. Our economic scaled pricing model is based on the number of users in your organization. Custodian’s IDASS delivers incredible cost efficiency through unlimited ingestion and storage at very reasonable pricing since we make use commodity hardware making it much more cost efficient compared to traditional legacy log management products.

3. Get better results from your SIEM

Security Incident and Event Management software (SIEM) is essential to an organization’s overall cybersecurity stance, but simply having a SIEM in place is just the first step to good cybersecurity health. A Managed SIEM can be the answer.


4. Always up-to-date

With a Managed SIEM service you can be assured that operational performance is being tested on a regular basis and that any upgrades of patches to your tools are being installed and deployed so your tools are always up-to-date.


5. Reduce Alert Fatigue

Alert fatigue can be very dangerous for cybersecurity professionals. It happens when a SIEM is not properly set up or tuned and fails to sufficiently prioritize incoming alerts, leaving security experts scrambling to keep up with an avalanche of millions of incoming alerts and other data. It’s like a 21st century version of one of the most famous Aesop’s fables ‘the boy who cried wolf’, whose persistent warnings are eventually ignored, allowing a serious cybersecurity breach to occur. At this point, a SIEM can become more of a liability than an asset.

Custodian provides managed security services that help our clients sort through the mountains of security alerts pouring in through firewalls and other entry points to focus only on those which pose the most serious threat to your most valuable data.

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