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On your behalf, Custodian continually monitors which hackers are active, whether there are new phishing emails in circulation, or even where the weak spots lie in software packages. We notify you of our findings in the form of an orderly report, enabling you to act accordingly. Or you may prefer to have Custodian take the appropriate measures for you.

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The danger of internet of things

Don’t be mistaken: malicious parties can hack you in many more ways than simply breaking into your computer. A great many devices that we take for granted in our daily lives nowadays have an IP address, and therefore also an internet connection. This is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). And this implies that all such devices can be hacked without you noticing. This includes items such as your router, the baby monitor, your fridge, your security camera and even some of your children’s toys… However, all these devices can also be protected by the use of smart passwords.