Securonix Next Generation Security Analytics and Operations Management Platform

The Securonix Platform is a purpose-built advanced security analytics technology that mines, enriches, analyzes, scores and visualizes customer data into actionable intelligence on the highest risk threats from within and outside their environment. Using signature-less anomaly detection techniques that track users, account, and system behavior Securonix is able to automatically and accurately detect the most advanced data security, insider threats and fraud attacks.

Monitoring and Compliance

SNYPR Security Analytics Platform

SNYPR is a next-generation security analytics platform that transforms big data into actionable security intelligence. Built on a Hadoop big data security lake, SNYPR combines an open data model, log management, security incident and event management (SIEM), user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and fraud detection into a complete, end-to-end platform that can be deployed in its entirety or in flexible, modular components.

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SNYPR Security Data Lake

SNYPR Security Data Lake is powered by Hadoop, a massively scalable, fault tolerant, open-data platform that ingests hundreds of terabytes per day and supports reliable, economical, long-term data retention. The open data model is key. It provides a single source of data that extends to SNYPR’s packaged use cases: insider threat, cyber threat, fraud and compliance, as well as any other custom use cases or applications the enterprise needs.

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UEBA Bolt 6.0

Modern threats are complex, often executed with compromised credentials or with the help of insiders with legitimate credentials, and carried out over long periods of time. Predicting, detecting and containing these threats is near-impossible using traditional signature-based solutions that were not developed to protect organizations from advanced or insider attacks. Securonix UEBA 6.0 is purpose-built to rapidly detect any threat, anywhere, leveraging machine learning and behavior analytics that analyze and cross-correlate all interactions between users, systems, and data to detect insider threats, cyber threats, fraud, cloud data compromise and noncompliance.

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Why Custodian?

Custodian is experienced in comprehensive security services including Managed Security Services and Professional Services. Custodian’s Managed Security Services are based on industry-leading and innovative software, state-of-the-art technology and security expertise to help secure and protect all your digital assets around the clock at a fraction of the cost of in-house security staff and other resources.

Our Managed Security Services Practice defends your organization from increasingly sophisticated, targeted cyber-crime threats. We take on the day-to-day defense of your infrastructure by monitoring your network, systems and data, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

We add value by providing context and enriching the data you receive, helping to optimize your organization’s IT security monitoring (SIEM and UEBA), incident detection, and incident response time. Recognizing that security is not purely a technology issue, we combine technical and human intelligence to enrich the information and alerts shared with our customers. In doing so, we ensure an optimal balance between security, workability and continuity.