Attackers sense opportunity in weakness!

Your computers keep your business running, as time moves forward your computers and software will age, what happens when your computers and software get old?
Every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day: Devices on the internet are being found, they are being be scanned for weakness, if that weakness can be exploited by hackers, it will be.
Custodian provides help by identifying any aging or weak digital infrastructure in your business, we then give you clear and precise instructions on how to fix the problem and understand the priority.

Why Custodian?

In order to extend the best possible service to our customers we selected the best possible solution. Its a managed service: We do the work – you get the benefits.

Nessus is the first and leading vulnerability management platform and the world’s most-advanced solution, leading the industry in vulnerabilty detection in new IT and OT sectors.

IT / OT Deployment Options

Custodian has worked hard to enable scanning on OT environments.

Nessus for Compliance

Meet your compliance requirements by leveraging Custodians managed service.

Application Security

Learn how Custodian helps across your development life-cycle

Vulnerability Management

Leverage Custodian to deliver a powerful impact with minimal effort!

Risk Based Approach

Custodian has you coverd -Learn how Custodian leverages Nessus to deliver next generation Risk Based vulnerability management.

Specialized industrial solutions

We have specific solutions to provide for: Finance, Healthcare, Medical Manufacturing, Building Management Systems, Oil & Gas, Automotive Manufacturing, Retail and Energy.