Why Tenable?

Tenable is the Exposure Management Company.

Cybersecurity risk is one of the existential threats of our time. Every day, attackers are looking for your weaknesses, long before you know they’re there. But throwing disparate cybersecurity solutions at the problem only leaves gaps in your attack surface visibility and weakens your defense. Tenable can help you gain comprehensive visibility into your attack surface so you can stay one step ahead of attackers.

Why Custodian?

Custodian is proud to have obtained the Tenable Guardian status.

Tenable Guardian is the highest technical certification available in the Tenable Assure Program. This credential is offered by invitation to the partner engineers who have demonstrated the highest level of expertise and commitment to managing Cyber Exposure risk. As a recognition of technical mastery, the Tenable Guardian credential is a great way to differentiate your company to prospective customers. Custodian does the work – you get the benefits.

Nessus is the first and leading vulnerability management platform and the world’s most-advanced solution, leading the industry in vulnerabilty detection in new IT and OT sectors.

IT / OT Deployment Options

Custodian has worked hard to enable scanning on OT environments.

Nessus for Compliance

Meet your compliance requirements by leveraging Custodians managed service.

Application Security

Learn how Custodian helps across your development life-cycle

Vulnerability Management

Leverage Custodian to deliver a powerful impact with minimal effort!

Risk Based Approach

Custodian has you coverd -Learn how Custodian leverages Nessus to deliver next generation Risk Based vulnerability management.

Specialized industrial solutions

We have specific solutions to provide for: Finance, Healthcare, Medical Manufacturing, Building Management Systems, Oil & Gas, Automotive Manufacturing, Retail and Energy.